PRE ORDER Dina Wakley Media - Gloss spray

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From Dina’s blog about the gloss sprays

“ The 12 colors are: Turquoise, Ocean, Marine, Night, White, Cheddar, Fuchsia, Eggplant, Magenta, Olive, Lemon, and Lime. I'm really hoping you love them so we can do more colors.

These might look like a spray ink, but let me be clear. They are not anything like a spray ink. They are not a fine mist. They are an acrylic-based spray that dries glossy, kind of like spray point but with no chemical propellant. They are non-reactive when dry (meaning they won't bleed through paint). They work on paper, fabric, chipboard, metal, iphones (ahem....ask how I know that). When they build up and dry on your craft sheet, you can peel them off like a skin.

The glosses mix beautifully with my acrylic paints for interesting visual effects. I will for sure be doing tip and trick videos with these sprays at Creativation. I used them on almost all the samples you will see in this post...some samples are just the sprays alone and some are sprays and my paints.”