Seth Apter - Izink Dye spray

From Seth Apter’s first collection of products from Aladine, Izink Dye Spray ink is a concentrated, highly pigmented, water-based ink for porous surfaces. This high quality ink produced in France comes in a large, 2.7oz/80ml bottle with sprayer and cap. With the exception of the Metals (Goldmine, Antique Pearl, Copper Bluff) which have a shimmery surface, the inks have a matte finish.They are all quick drying and have a no-clog formula (meaning that while a few bottles here and there may end up clogging, you will not experience the frequent clogs that have often been seen in dye ink sprays).

The Full Set includes all 18 colors in the range: Goldmine, Antique Pearl, Copper Bluff, Licorice, Coffee, Tea, Turquoise, Emerald, Spring Green, Seaspray, Blue Moon, Lavender, Cassis, Wild Rose, Flamingo, Pomegranate, Honey and Sunflower. The colors in the set cover the spectrum all the way from vibrant jewel toned to metallic to vintage. 

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